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Love not W.A.R.

My campaign for LNC Chair is a campaign to reinvigorate the heart and soul of the Libertarian Party. I recognize that there are many issues that illuminate what it truly means to be a libertarian. But of all the issues one could choose there is one issue that stands out above the rest. One issue that the Libertarian Party, to its shame, has neglected for the past seven years.

Naturally, I will make my views on many issues well-known by the time we gather in St. Louis this Memorial Day weekend. I believe that libertarians will like what I have to say on everything from the abominable PATRIOT Act to tragedy of drug prohibition. However, the overriding theme of my campaign will be opposition to the American empire and the wars it has inevitably spawned.
Love not War T-shirt in white
Love not War T-shirt detail
Wars exact a huge price in blood and treasure; both to the victor as well as the vanquished. What they don’t do is produce anything of value beyond huge profits for arms makers. On the contrary, war destroys people, property, even whole societies. American society is in no way immune to this destruction either. Our current economic meltdown can be traced directly to the huge cost of waging wars without end around the globe. These costs will ultimately be borne by the American people through lost wealth, lost liberty, destruction of the dollar, and massive unemployment; as well as the loved ones lost or grievously injured when called upon to wage war.

The U.S. already has two war parties. It doesn’t need a third one.


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